Moving, Shaking, and Chatting

The end of August has been such a blossoming time for Mason. He is now lifting his legs up in the air working those abdominal muscles, improving with the low muscle tone. He is eating solids. We first gave him oatmeal, then pears, peaches, and even avocados! He really enjoyed them. He is still learning the ropes of chewing and swallowing but he is doing so good! He even managed to learn how to drink from his sippy cup the first time! Mason is squiggling around. We cannot prop him up anywhere without watching him because he is learning how to move all around! He is certainly becoming quite the chatty Cathy as well. He holds conversations with us and just talks when he thinks we aren’t paying attention to him. Mason will go back in for surgery tomorrow to remove scar tissue from his right eye. Please pray that God keeps him safe and that he heals wonderfully!


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