Third Eye Surgery Complete

Yesterday was another long and worrisome day as we prepared to take Mason in for his third eye surgery. A few weeks ago we noticed a white substance in the pupil of his right eye, so we took him in to see his eye doctor/surgeon. He informed us that Mason’s eye had formed a type of scar tissue (also known as a secondary cataract) from his previous cataract surgery. Surgery scheduled for Wednesday the 31st at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

When it comes to surgery on an infant, timing is everything. Because of the anesthesia, he can only eat 4 hours (clear liquids 3 hours) before his surgery. We arrive at PCH an hour before his surgery. As the clock ticks closer and closer to his surgery time (4:30), no sign of the doc. We are getting nervous — Mason is getting hungry. We wait. We wait some more. And then, at 5:15, the doc finally shows up. Our excitement was short-lived as he informs us he has a quick laser surgery scheduled before Mason. We weren’t pleased; however, one good thing came out of the delay. Tiff and I were really nervous about the anesthesiologist, mainly because Mason had bad experiences during his first two surgeries. But because of the delay, we got to spend a lot of time with a new anesthesiologist (who happens to be a graduate of U of M). He was nice and knowledgeable, so we were reassured.

Once Mason finally got into surgery, it was lightning quick. The doc came out to talk with us about 30 minutes later and said everything went very well. The surgery wasn’t as invasive as he thought it would be, so that was good! All in all, it turned out to be a success. No complications in surgery or with the anesthesia. Way to go Mason!


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