Use iGive to Help

Here’s another way you can help our cause:

If you like to shop online, you have the opportunity to help support the Lowe Syndrome Association (LSA) at the same time you’re shopping.  The LSA is now affiliated with iGive, a site which will connect you with a large selection of online stores, each of which will make a donation to the LSA whenever you make a purchase there. The amount of the donation varies from store to store.

Using iGive, up to 26% of your purchases at over 900 online stores is automatically donated to the LSA. The amount of the donation varies from store to store. You can see the percentage donation of each store when you visit the mall. Shopping through is safe and secure. Also, once you are registered, iGive provides you with your own personal member page, through which you can keep track of your purchases and how much you’ve raised for LSA.

It’s easy to do!  Just click the iGive logo below and register. Membership is free and simple.

Again, it costs you nothing and online shopping you would be doing anyway now can benefit an amazing cause. So check it out and help us raise money to find a cure.

iGive LSA


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