A Big Sigh of Relief…

I imagine we would be really over-protective parents had Mason not had Lowe Syndrome, but I think we are even more protective since he does. We have figured out the system enough to push until we get what we want and at the end of the day always remember that we get the last say as we are his parents. Often times before we had Mason people would say, “You will know what’s best for your child above anyone else.” This common phrase always seemed to exclude one type of profession and to me, that would be anyone in the medical field. This has proven to not be the case in most instances when it comes to our little superhero. That common phrase is now a reality. As Mason’s parents, we absolutely do know him best and know exactly what we want for him which includes what tests we want ran and when.

Unfortunately, a possible side effect of Lowe Syndrome is seizure activity. To us, this is something that we do not take lightly and want to have every heads up I suppose you would say, in knowing if any seizure activity is going on. We requested that Mason get an EEG to assure there was nothing going on that we didn’t know about. As we weren’t aware until this syndrome, a seizure is not always identifiable as an epileptic one as we once thought. This makes it even scarier to identify whether or not there is anything going on. Monday, we took Mason to Phoenix Children’s to have an EEG done. He was such a perfect little patient and did everything he was supposed to. Trying to have an 8 month old do exactly what is asked of him is merely impossible, but for superheroes, nothing is impossible as Mason proved. He fell asleep as the tech was placing the probes on his head and slept just the right amount of time they preferred he did. As we waited 24 hours for his neurologist to call, we were waiting on pins and needles. We haven’t had such a good track record with finding out things over the phone. Thankfully this time was an exception. There is absolutely no seizure activity thus far in Mason’s brain. Definitely knee dropping news to be thankful for. All and all, Mason Man is continuing to thrive and flourish. He has found his boy parts and thinks it’s funny! Mason also thinks he is a big enough boy to feed himself when we give him his solid foods. We fall in love with him more and more each day. We cannot wait to celebrate the up coming holiday season with the best baby in the world! May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


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