Where do they learn this stuff?!

It has been awhile since the last post. Mason has been doing so great and we have been so busy with him! It’s so interesting and amazing to see how babies take everything in. Although I am sure we say no quite often, Mason has mastered letting us know he is finished with his food or juice by shaking his head no! I am not sure where the heck this kid learned it, but he knows what he wants and when he wants it! Mason has also learned how to “high five.” Now we are not certain when other children learn this skill, but we think it’s pretty incredible that our boy gives high fives when asked! He has also been working so hard on sitting all by himself. When distracted with a toy, he is completely fine all on his own. Once he notices no one is holding him up, he thinks it’s funny to throw himself back as he knows we will always catch him. It’s actually pretty neat to see the trust and bond that have developed between us. He is very well aware Mommy and Daddy will always catch him when he falls.

Mason has recently been trying to eat new textures. He really enjoys baby cheese puffs and crackers. Although the cracker is entirely way too big for him to eat whole, he tries anyway. Mommy makes all of his food and he has started eating pasta. Being as he is half Italian, it comes to no surprise that he really seems to enjoy it! It is so cute to see him chew. Teething is still getting the best of our little superhero, but his gums definitely get the job done. It’s incredible seeing him growing up and learning new things!

Mason saw see his pediatrician last Monday for his 9 month well check. Can you believe it, 9 months already?! He moved up to the 20-50 percentile, so we are absolutely thrilled with his growth progress. We noticed a little scar tissue in Mason’s left eye. After seeing his eye doctor, we are scheduled to go under anesthesia on December 29th for a possible surgery. We are not certain if we feel it is absolutely necessary to go in so quickly so we might be postponing his surgery until January. Although we are not experts, it seems going under 7 times in a 9 month period might be a little much. If we can avoid a surgery for a bit, it might be in Mason’s best interest. We will keep everyone updated on whether or not after consulting with his eye doctor again, he will need surgery next week. Mason’s kidney doctor requested some follow up lab work to monitor whether or not the dosage of the supplements she put him on is accurate and working. Of course, when we took him for a blood draw, his veins disappeared and they were not able to draw his blood. Poor guy had to go through two sticks and digging for his veins for nothing. We will have to consult with his kidney doctor to coordinate getting a draw with the IV team and Phoenix Children’s.

As always, we ask that you continue to pray that Mason’s kidneys continue to function properly with as little supplements as possible, that the cyst in his eye does not have to be operated on anytime soon, as well as guidance for us! We are really looking forward to spending our first Christmas together with our little angel boy! Since having Mason, the holidays are so much more spirited. I am sure Santa will be spending quite a bit of time wrapping all Mason’s gifts as he has been such a good boy this year! Merry Christmas to you all! May God bless each of you this holiday season!

Here are 2 videos of Mason shaking his head no:


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