Another Answer to Prayer!

Wahoo! Mason did so wonderful today after his visit to Phoenix Children’s Hospital this morning for an exam under anesthesia. It is a constant prayer of ours that God will place a hand on Mason’s eyes to keep the pressures down in his eyes, to control what was once glaucoma. We were trusting that God kept Mason’s pressures down and that we would not have to face another surgery. It turns out that trusting and praying faithfully has proven to keep our little superhero thriving! Mason’s eye doctor is happy with his low pressures and we even got to talk about in a few short months to come, getting fitted for glasses and contacts that work together to allow Mason to see near and far! Few will ever experience the tears of joy and music to our ears that this conversations brings, as normal vision is something we often take for granted. Throughout our journey, we face the possibilities that Mason’s vision could worsen, or in the worst case, be lost forever. Hearing that he could soon move to a more advanced way of seeing is a blessing.

Recently Mason’s eye doctor has suggested that we patch his right eye a few hours a day, forcing his brain to only use his left eye to strengethen his brain usage of that eye. Mason was very hesitant to wear it at first, but as with everything else, he happily now wears it and continues on with his normal routine! He truly is a remarkable little boy who truly makes us thankful to have him as our son! He has recently hit so many new milestones that we will update you with an entirely other post all about that…stay tuned! Thank you again for your faithful prayers for Mason! They are certainly heard and answered! God is so great and we are humbled by the blessings He gives us everyday!


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