It Happens So Quickly!

Wow, it’s been a crazy month and a half since the last post. Thankfully, it’s because our little superhero keeps us on our feet. We would normally begin by giving everyone a recap of what has happened since the last post from start to finish, but this accomplishment just can’t wait until the end. By the grace of God and against most odds, our little man is learning how to bear weight on his legs and stand. This milestone is one that literally stopped us as parents dead in our tracks and had us in tears, on our knees, thankful to the Lord for His faithful hand that he places on Mason. Just when we accept the fact that Mason developmentally could be significantly delayed is when he shows us that he is such a little fighter. Things we take for granted everyday, like standing and walking are brought to such appreciation when our children are slow to come to these milestones. We are so proud that our smiles from ear to ear are more a less permanent. Our boy is growing and so quickly, right in front of our eyes. He never stops surprising us and certainly never stops trying. Mason has so much determination and persistence and truly is an inspiration. We become more and more proud everyday and are just loving every minute of this baby who is quickly turning into a little boy!

Mason’s first birthday went well, although we don’t have a sweet tooth on our hands! Mason was kind of hesitant to eat his cake, but once he tasted it, he humored us by eating a few small bites. What we do have on our hands is a strawberry fanatic! If we let him, Mason would eat strawberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Mason’s overall eating habits are fabulous and we couldn’t be more thankful for that. We recently really started to target his calorie count as he wasn’t losing weight but wasn’t really gaining either. We now target 1000 calories a day, and he seems to handle that just fine. He is also gaining the toddler attitude, “I’ll do it myself!” Mason is so intrigued with using the spoon to feed himself. Although it ends in a disaster of a mess, we try to let him explore as much as possible. Finger foods he eats well on his own, but the softer stuff we leave for the spoon. Sooner or later, our smart cookie will catch on and be eating all by himself in no time.

Although it’s always hard taking Mason for routine lab work, we are really thankful that we now have all things in place for it to be a smooth process. The IV team meets us at the lab, they get in with one stick, and we are on our way out the door 10 minutes later with minimal pain for Mason. We met with Mason’s nephrologist this past Monday for our 3 month follow up and a report from his blood work. The glory is all His as God really is answering prayers. Mason’s labs are all wonderful and she is THOROUGHLY pleased with all his counts. As parents of an LS boy, we aren’t naive to the fact that Mason’s kidneys may one day not function as well, but we are more faithful that the Lord blesses us with miracles everyday. We count our blessings and give thanks for every positive follow up appointment that doesn’t add more supplements to Mason’s list. Mason has learned to appreciate follow up appointments as he just gets to sit there and look cute, while Mom and Dad do all the talking. He just loves the fact that his doctor thinks he is so cute! We will continue to follow up with nephrology every three months.

We want to give a tremendous THANK YOU to our friends and family that have been there through everything with us this past year of Mason’s life. The ones who have held us when we’ve cried, engaged in joy when Mason hits milestones, given us words of encouragement, prayed for us, never faulted us, and ones that despite everything, have completed loved us unconditionally through it all! None of your support has gone unnoticed. We love you!


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