Potty, Dance, Repeat…

The Snow Household is quite entertaining these days! Mason has yet again, completely amazed us! Not that we would normally think that talking about going potty on the big boy potty would be something to announce, but since Mason is 15 months, we chalk it up as absolutely incredible! Last week before bath time, Mom was joking and sat Mason on the toilet as a joke. To our surprise, he decided to pee! We definitely thought that this was a coincidence. The next three nights, Mason continued to pee in the potty before bath! Incredible right?! Well much to our surprise, the next night he went poop on the potty! Now Mason is not a very inconspicuous person when it’s time to do his business, so we have capitalized on those times. Mason is now going potty on the big boy toilet at least 2 twice a day! He knows what he is supposed to do when we sit him on there, he does what he needs to, and then claps when we take him off and tell him good job! This boy is going places!

Another new thing that Mason has started to do is dance to music he likes. Now let me be clear about what dancing this little boy is doing. Somehow, he has learned to pop his chest back and forth to the beat of the music. It might be the funniest, most entertaining thing thus far. Of course, he has the cutest little grin on his face as he is dancing! Such a ham! He is absolutely the ray of sunshine in our lives every morning! Everyday we feel more blessed to call him our son!

On another note, I recently started reading such a great book, Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid. This book has really helped address things I didn’t even realize I felt and has helped me feel less disconnected to others with typical children. If you have not read it as a special needs parent or if you have friends or family members with a special needs child, it is so worth the read. We hope everyone is enjoying their summer! God Bless you all!


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