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Happy Halloween!

Growing up as a child, special days like Halloween are something we each look forward to. As parents now, these special days are so much more. We had so much fun dressing Mason up as a little tiger. It was difficult choosing a costume as he would have looked cute in anything! Mason surely enjoyed his first Halloween! He even kept his whole costume on the entire night! We were hesitant to take him trick or treating as he is so little and cannot eat candy. The great idea hit that we should use this opportunity to raise awareness in the community for LS while taking Mason door to door. We have made postcards that give a brief description of Mason’s story and LS as well as his blog and the LSA website. It’s really great talking with others in our community and having them meet Mason. It certainly helps that he was the cutest tiger around 🙂 We are thinking of printing off a bunch of cards and having an awareness day around the valley, hoping our family and friends will partake. We are quite motivated to raise awareness in hopes to one day find a cure for this awful disorder. None the less, Mason was an angel as usual!

We met with Endocrinology last week because Mason’s pediatrician was concerned his hormone levels might be imbalanced. We are happy to report that his blood work came back normal and Mason gained a pound in 6 days! We really liked his Endocrinologist! It’s always great meeting with doctors who have something good to report! We will see Nephrology on Wednesday for Mason’s follow up. Praying for a similarly positive report!




Dad Raises LS Awareness

In an effort to raise awareness for Lowe Syndrome, I participated in my company’s Give2Gether campaign. American Express has the campaign every October in which AMEX matches every dollar donated by an employee to a charity. I actively sought out the lady in charge of the campaign for my building and asked how I can best get the word out for Lowe Syndrome. She asked me to write a summary of why I give to the Lowe Syndrome Association…which I gladly accepted.

The result? My story got published on our AMEX internal web site’s main page and a poster was put up in our building. We have roughly 3,000 employees in my building alone and over 7,000 employees in Arizona! The day it got posted, I received several emails from my colleagues indicating they were pledging money to the LSA. Even if only a small percentage of people actually read it, at least those people now know what Lowe Syndrome is…so I’m happy about that. All-in-all, I think it was a success. Below is my posting:

Why I Give

I received some pretty incredible responses to this from my co-workers. Here are some of them:

” Glad to see your keeping an upbeat look on things. Thanks for sharing your experience and letting people know about Lowe Syndrome. Wish I could say I understand what you’re going through, but I can’t. I can say you are doing more than most. Keep it up.”

” Amazing, beautiful story Adam. Extremely touching. Thank you so much for sharing.”

“Thank you for sharing your story on why you give. It was incredibly inspiring to me!”

“Mason is absolutely adorable! Your ‘Why I Give’ story was very touching. I donate to an organization that is very close to my heart, also. After reading your story, I was encouraged to add a one-time donation to the Lowe Syndrome Association as well. What a great way to build awareness and make a difference; thanks for sharing.”

Use iGive to Help

Here’s another way you can help our cause:

If you like to shop online, you have the opportunity to help support the Lowe Syndrome Association (LSA) at the same time you’re shopping.  The LSA is now affiliated with iGive, a site which will connect you with a large selection of online stores, each of which will make a donation to the LSA whenever you make a purchase there. The amount of the donation varies from store to store.

Using iGive, up to 26% of your purchases at over 900 online stores is automatically donated to the LSA. The amount of the donation varies from store to store. You can see the percentage donation of each store when you visit the mall. Shopping through is safe and secure. Also, once you are registered, iGive provides you with your own personal member page, through which you can keep track of your purchases and how much you’ve raised for LSA.

It’s easy to do!  Just click the iGive logo below and register. Membership is free and simple.

Again, it costs you nothing and online shopping you would be doing anyway now can benefit an amazing cause. So check it out and help us raise money to find a cure.

iGive LSA