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A Brand New Chair

We are so thankful for the thoughtful therapists that Mason has. His physical and speech therapists were bound and determined to get a hold of a feeding chair for Mason. These chairs sold anywhere online are very expensive. Today when we went for his therapy, they surprised us with a new chair that will help Mason sit independently! It brings tears to my eyes to see him have the ability to somewhat sit up by himself. He gets so frustrated that he can’t sit in the bumbo because he just melts in it due to his low muscle tone. This chair helps Mason sit upright while still giving him the support he needs. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for Mason’s therapists. Not only are they changing Mason’s life by helping him develop and teaching us as his parents therapy we can do at home continuously, they think of his needs outside of their jobs. It is people like them who make things possible for Mason and we are so thankful! Mason just loves his new chair and Mom and Dad love watching him have so much pride 🙂