How 2 Help

The LSA has some amazing scientists, professors, and researchers working hard to understand the disease so they can one day find a cure. Unfortunately, medical research for Lowe Syndrome is poorly funded. Big pharmaceutical companies are not going to spend millions on researching a cure or treatment for a disease that only affects approximately 250 men in the United States…it just doesn’t make sense financially. That is why we have to rely on people like you to donate money. It’s sad, but the very true reality of the situation.

Please click the link below to donate to the Lowe Syndrome Association. I respectfully ask that you make any donation to the Research Fund.

Lowe Syndrome Association Donation Page

You can also register with iGive for free. Using iGive, up to 26% of your online purchases at over 900 stores is automatically donated to the Lowe Syndrome Association. Again, it costs you nothing and online shopping you would be doing anyway now can benefit an amazing cause. Check it out.

iGive LSA

And of course, PRAYER for our family as well as others with this disease, sharing Mason’s story, and informing others about Lowe Syndrome will help immensely as well! The more awareness there is, the more people we can reach to help fund research to find a cure!